Joseph Williams is a Product Designer at project44. With over a decade of experience he is continuously motivated by discovering and accommodating for user and business needs. Joseph enjoys helping establish design principles and offering direction that provides teams with long term sustainable design output.

When Joseph is not working you can find him solving the NYT crossword puzzle, playing backgammon, or trying to convince his cat that if he talks to him, he wont tell anyone.


He is currently a Director of Product Design at project44 in New York.

Prior to project44, he spent time at Spotify focused on creating a unified account experience across the entire Spotify universe.

Before that, he worked at Google, improving their internal tooling for managing production at scale. Part of his time there was designing the tool all Google engineers now use to troubleshoot incidents.

Surface and highlight tracking issues within logistics network for carriers and shippers

Building the future of having one account across the entire Spotify universe

Create a cohesive incident response tool to be used across the entirety of Google

Improving the landscape of how SLOs were created, interrupted and measured at Google.

Cloud orchestration tool to create cloud solutions through the command line and a web GUI

Improving the onboarding process when signing up for an IOT connectivity platform

Using Chrome's local storage for an in browser note pad